What are people saying?

"Working with Rachel on my wellness has been a real game changer in my life. She tailored a program to fit my need for both fitness and nutrition, using great videos of exercises that I can go back and refer to again and again, along with regular visits and chats to adjust with changes in my life. I didn’t think I would be able to spend time outdoors again, but here I am in the mountains during the long weekend. Thanks to Rachel, I am able to be more active again despite struggling with various health issues that have plagued me since retiring from the Army. This pic is for you, Rachel. I think I can outrun the moose now! Thank you!" - Barry

“Elevate is way more than an exercise and healthy diet program. Rachel has created a guide for healthy living that includes body, mind and spirit. Through weekly steps and mini challenges I am learning about myself and discovering my personal path of health and wellness. And having fun doing so! As a self-proclaimed "non-groupie", the fun camaraderie of the Elevate group has really surprised me. We celebrate each others successes, support each other through weekly challenges and laugh a lot! The world as we know it has changed- what better time to take a look at our own lives and make some positive changes, too. Join us!” - Michele

"At the age of 56, I have never in my life had a coach. I have never participated in sports, and it's not in my nature to join group activities. I was beyond thrilled to discover the value a wellness coach and group support offered in the ELEVATE experience! ELEVATE was the perfect way to kick off this chapter of life where self care and wellness can finally become a priority.

Rachel makes the on-line platform of coaching and group experiences seem so natural. In many ways it was preferable to in-person classes and groups because it was easier to incorporate in my daily schedule. The group support via private Facebook group was super fun and I could interact when and how I wanted, without pressure but with accountability.

The weekly themes of the ELEVATE group were fabulous- regardless of the amount I was able to incorporate each theme on any given week, it was another 'wellness seed planted'. I still have those themes in my mind weeks after, which continue to help me live a healthy lifestyle. I started looking forward to Rachel's weekly greeting with a new theme to incorporate, and the invitation to set personal goals to make me be the best I can me this week and in the future!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rachel!" - Melissa

"I am loving my new awareness regarding "the story I've always told myself" about my nutrition and habits. I realized I'm very hard on myself and am loving learning ways to recognize and feel good about what I do! Thanks ELEVATE and Rachel! - Gina